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52 Responses to “Otome Dori Episode 02”
  1. Holy Shii.. says:

    Damn… Okay, this was the most fucked up shit ive seen… First off for the sister, when i saw she took my virginity after waking up, once she unbound me I would have beat the SHIT out of her… I wouldnt have gotten that far though cuz after seeing that first video I would have exposed Otome as a slut

  2. Shadowti says:

    That would be a good Idea HentaiAddict! My idea was to burn down the house, But not anymore… My devious plan will be to kidnap the daughter. I believe the daughter should not have to become like the wife OR me…. Or whats about to be me. After the wife notices she’s gone missing, she would call the police, her fuck buddies, and maybe even everybody she new. Then I would leave traces of the Daughter so the police would follow the evidence to a certain area, Then I would wait for the wife to show up and I would have a giant TV displayed for them, I would then Show them the Daughters face. Then mine. The police would call for backup and wonder whats happening. The TV will then Display the Daughter tied up and surrounded by bombs. Everybody would gasp out of shock. The wife would start crying and begging to let me untie the daughter, But I would just grin heavily and soon, footage of me taking care of the wife would show up. Every body would be confused and think: It’s what the Kidnapper has been going through all of his life?(me helping the wife and being a good husband) Then, A red screen will appear and footage of the wife fucking those countless assholes show up. The police would be surprised and possibly question the wife. Then A live footage of the fuck buddies would show up. They were strapped to an Iron beam, I would then torcher them 1 by 1, Laughing as each one of them beg for mercy. Once they were all murdered,live footage of the daughter would show up. I would have a knife with me and approach the daughter. The wife would be embarrassed and in despair. Then the footage would cut off and everybody would wonder what happened to the daughter. The wife would think her daughter is dead and commit suicide when really, The daughter was just for show, and I did not even cut/hit her in the slightest. I would move to another country and become a serial killer and murder men who fuck other men’s wife, and depending on the level of despair for the man who’s wife was fucked, I may kill the wife for being an untrustworthy bitch. As for the daughter, I would raise her and i’d be EXTREMELY strict with her, and when she becomes old enough, I would show her the wife and her actions, and she too would follow me in my footsteps…

  3. blazeblue23 says:

    LMAO The dude got knock out by a umbrella WTF.

  4. LFDN says:

    This is why this site needs to label theses hentai with the genre it’s in, because I do not and am getting sick of damn stories like this,the genre is getting way to overused. I’m starting to think Japan thinks about raped more than a actual rapes.

  5. HentaiAddict says:

    oh and if anyone has an opinion on my comments please feel free to express it.

  6. HentaiAddict says:

    and when it’s all over i will be completely satisfied with completely destroying everything she holds dear. oh and yes i really am this cold-blooded.

  7. HentaiAddict says:

    dam it i still can’t stop thinking about this. i’m not satisfied with what i wrote in my last comment, so instead of doing what i said i would do if i was him, i would tell her i wanna have some s&m sex and tie her to the bed and while she is tied to the bed i would bring her daughter into the room and play the dvd so her daughter can actually see what a big ass slut her mother is and not just take my word for it. and while she is begging me to stop the dvd i would tell her, “i worked so hard to take care of you and you repay me by fucking some dirty old men? ur punishment will be you’re daughter knowing ur a fuckin dirty cum chugging whore” (i’ll say this with a sadistic grin). then after the dvd is over i would untie her and kick her out on the street with her daughter. then find the old men she loves to fuck so much and kill them while they’re fucking her (we all know she would go straight to them after i kicked them out) and then she will have no one but a daughter who will grow up hating her.

  8. Shadowti says:

    This shit is too fucked up. If I was in his position, I would have burned the house down when nobody was in it because I don’t wanna kill the wife and child. before they find out the house was burned down, I would leave a note saying. ”Your fuck buddies are next.(signed my name)” Id track down the unknown senders and I would Murder each and every one of them. By that time, the police would be on my ass. So after I kill them, I would travel to another country or continent. Leaving no trace. I would hopefully try to start a new life and forget about my horrible past. For the sister….bitch slap her until she faints. Then Id leave the country or continent.

  9. HentaiAddict says:

    dam i seriously feel for this guy but he seriously needs to grow a nut sack. i would have told her in front of her daughter i want a divorce and she can go be as big a slut as she wants. oh and also i would have told her daughter that i’m not her father and that she was born because her mother is a fuckin big ass slut.

  10. Otaku says:

    FUCK OFF I HATE THIS SET UP… i watched this bull shit just like Urk to hope for him… this shit has to be burned-.-

    the guy should fucking hit his sister-.-

  11. CrimsonOtaku says:

    I hate NTR Hentai all together but this is on a whole other level of Fcked up.

  12. Nacchin says:

    Rinka is fucking crazy, I will say that.

  13. Urk says:

    I started watching it thinking it was going to be another sexy school series but this is fucked up, I guess I can understand that some people enjoy rape fantasy but this is something else, I felt physically sick watching this. I watched it to the end hoping there would be the whole “he stops them, they get married and they love each other or some shit” ending but noooo, pure mind fuck.

    • EasyRocker922 says:

      Damn right man, I felt the same thing, and further more it made it impossible for me to sleep that night as it actually managed to influence my dreams and I had similar nightmares which regretibly made me vomit.

  14. geti says:

    i canot watch this anymore no matter if they come out with another

  15. Mike says:

    Ah the wonders of NTR. It pisses off the unprepared and causes them to overexamine the episode and list everythig that’s wrong with it.

    I laugh at you pansies.

  16. ZXCmaster says:

    i really hate this episode curse you otome!

  17. shit!! says:

    i really surprised that i watched this until the end….>_>

  18. Dafaq says:

    So she’s fucking them while they are married -___- and that both children are not his -___- Why can’t I stop watching this NTR shit D:

  19. Dandy077 says:

    Does anyone know the ending theme song for this? i think it’s really nice!

  20. fjnsd says:

    oh my god what the fuck asdfasdjfahsdkvgl

  21. Wally88 says:

    if this is the ending i say go to fucking hell becuse this is like your worst nightmare that you cant wake up from

  22. wsab says:

    this is so fucked up

  23. Zoro says:

    one of the most fucked up hentai out there with mostly just hardcore scenes, no gore or any kind of monster rape, Just pure mindfuck xD

  24. Grets says:

    He deserves it. The perpetrator sent him a DVD of a recorded rape through blackmail and instead of reporting it to the police, he faps to it. 10 DVDS (weeks) later, he bitch about how it’s cruel? What exactly is cruel? The amount of fapping he made with those 10 weeks?

  25. Wally88 says:

    if i was him i would be piss off at my sister for making the women i love into a slut and telling those

    asshole to send the videos to me and if i saw that guy doing that to my sister in a public restroom i would

    find them one by one and kick their ass for fun and i would make sure to break their legs so they can not

    walk anymore. after 5 to 6 month i would slap my sister in the face and tell her “i heard and saw what you

    did” then tell her to never ever talk to me and i would tell the girl i loved “why did you have sex with those

    old fucking guys on the videos you know i love you” then i would leave my home town to never return

    becuse this would bring me nightmare’s

  26. good fap says:

    keep cumming back to this vid. Will supply me for several weeks/months until something better can come out maybe.

  27. adddicted says:

    in the manga they did not end up.. but, he did made her sis pregnant..
    and in the end otome gave birth.. and the protagonist still watched the dvd till the end..

  28. kurokuro says:

    it should have ended like school days were the girl cut his head of but it should be him cutting her head of

  29. Hentaihero says:

    i have the manga of this he actually marry her and has a child and sometime on their later life

    he starts receving those videos again and thought it was just a nightmare all along .. lol then the last

    video he receive got him literally devastated as if the child of his that he thought was actually could

    belong to them old farts that fucked her brains out even said haha now your husband has to work

    harder to feed our child! gotta say this may have awesome drawings good to fap too but man.. down

    side of this is just to fucked up

  30. johnny says:

    HAha that was funny

  31. l3lood says:

    haha i always laugh in NTR genre the male protagonist always do the idiotic stuff and go crazy

  32. bobby says:

    er… someone care to explain what’s happening?

  33. Namaetomo says:

    i hate hentai like this first the fucking pinked hair girl liked that guy but when she go raped at first she liked it a fucking whore sluttt
    should be deleted

  34. Zoro says:

    lol same here, I thought he’s gonna go insane but instead of killing he’d go raping random people lol, makes more sense xD

  35. Urgot says:

    Srsly, fapping to this is impossibru

  36. xiteckz says:

    I’m surprise he didnt go insane and start killing people

  37. evilshopkeeper says:

    i was waiting for that one the number 2 is better than the first one

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