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12 Responses to “Otome Dori Episode 01”
  1. Zoro says:

    haha ending

  2. DS says:

    what is the name of song at end anyone ?

  3. ven0m says:

    I’m hoping next episode, some things will get clarified as to why otome suddenly became a slut like that.

  4. P-man says:

    Fuck, Then I saw NTR !

  5. P-man says:

    After so many years of watching hentai, i don’t even need subs to understand the content !

  6. Houg says:

    This LOOKS Awesom, hurry up and put the subtitles plz!

  7. xITeckz says:

    ending is pretty f’d up

  8. none says:

    there are no subs on this one when it plays

  9. Dan says:

    at the end…. He was like Bitch Please and just won at hentai :)

  10. Hellangel says:

    oh forgot sub pls

  11. Hellangel says:

    LOL first i think

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