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My Hentai TV

So what’s been going on with MyHentai.TV ?

Source 1 videos (UPDATE)

UPDATE: We have added a new server for source one for all videos to help with loading and buffering times
(Posted on: 11/09/2017)

Moving Servers

We are currently moving to a better server for the website and videos, the videos might be kinda slow at the moment but we are trying our best to fix that asap.
(Posted on: 01/04/2016)

Nutaku Games

Take a look at Nutaku where you can play awesome adult games.
(Posted on: 01/12/2016)

37 Responses to “What’s Happening With MyHentai.TV”
  1. finalhentai says:

    harem the animation doesn’t work anymore.

  2. jklol says:

    what’s the title of the hentai that you used as the pic for myhentai news?

  3. Salarus says:

    Will the Recommended Hentai Series on the home page get updated? There are tons of new hentai, or maybe even a top viewed.

  4. Charles says:

    That´s so fucking great .. I CAN FAP FAP and than i can read comments …
    THX <3

  5. GGX says:

    I want to ask, who is the girl at the top site banner from?

  6. David LaBarge says:

    I’m willing to join the staff.
    Email: —–
    Skype: ——

  7. BestHentaiSite says:

    uploaded videos for other sites for past 2 months, but can upload raw or sub hentai on a weekly basis. can i ask whats the pay first?

  8. Brian says:

    What would encoders need to do please get back to me at my email

  9. Goku says:

    Does anyone have any idea when the site will be back to normal?

    • synaia says:

      no ETA on it sorry, we’ll try to get it to normal as back as soon as possible but some uploaders like me are having exams (and some are just done) so we couldn’t upload new vids or update the older releases with new video players.

  10. source says:

    Whenever I initially commented I clicked the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and currently each time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment.

  11. DailyDoseOfHappiness says:

    Yo G6, i can be an uploader if chu want.. LOL, open on fridays and saturdays.

  12. Finalhentai says:

    Mahou Shoujo Sae videos don’t work.

  13. Chew says:

    I like that girls on the pic. What anime is that?

  14. Dwayne says:

    I would also like to be part of the staff as well.

  15. :D says:

    what is the hentai of the picture above the news ?

  16. Vanye69 says:

    Just seeing if you are still looking for some staff members?

  17. thewanderingshadow says:

    of course you would expect me to want to be a mod g6 and what about my idea for hentai games

  18. Finalhentai says:

    I’ve been going to this site for a long time, and it is one of the best free hentai sites out there. But you are using some features of the site that… could be better. Just some suggestions

    1. genres – While that section is good, inputting a system that allows people to check off multiple genres and do a search for hentai with all of them would be epic.

    Streamlining the section would probably help with the process, example android and cyborg kinda the same thing, while sex and ecchi, are expected of all hentai

  19. Kuro says:

    i like to become a staff if your looking

  20. Natthawut Khamnunndi says:

    Hello I wouldn’t mind helping out uploading, I download new hentai daily on my computer.
    Though I never upload them before on any site.
    If you suggest a place to upload them that don’t cost anything.

    I wouldn’t mind doing so. Free weekend and week days night time.
    [email protected] just send me an email if you need.

  21. Sadomaru says:

    I would like to be staff as well if it’s still okay ^_^

  22. MyHentaiTV says:

    @andy & Mr.Use

    Yep we are still looking for video uploaders and encoders.

  23. Mr.Use says:

    just wondering if you are still looking for staffs :D

  24. andy says:

    hello i want to be a staff….how?

  25. Unknownx12 says:

    well i commented here years ago….yo

  26. Unknownx12 says:

    lul you never said what your name is on chat, or i missed it, either way im available now

  27. unknownx12 says:

    Used to upload for leon
    Right now I’m only available weekends but that will change in a couple months

  28. teddy says:

    i would like to know if u guys are going to add any more hentai on this site

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