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6 Responses to “Tropical Kiss Episode 01”
  1. Mtsonic says:

    Hmmm..The story feels rushed, its as if they wanted to get the main char with the main heroine as soon as possible. There should be other routes where he can be with 5 other girls as he likes them all and they all like him as well, but hopefully there is more than one episode for the sake of the girls, leaving them all hanging lol

  2. Jerich0the0reap says:

    5:53-6:09 – … Da fawk are y’all lookin at.
    10:51-11:08 – N***a, either answer the damn question or just kiss her. Young fools should stop trying to be smart and think things through and just do it.
    11:09-12:20 – NEXT TIME CHOOSE B!! BEEEEE!! Not beer! BEEEEE!!
    24:31-26-15 – Real men stop counting after 20. For realistic bragging rights, and to keep the ego at a manageable level.

    B+ for plot (not the best, but comprehensible, and leaves room for the others in the other ‘routes’)
    A to A- for Hscenes (for the most part constricted to one half of the episode rather than the other, though the quality was nice, and befitted an eroge ‘montage’ ending).
    Overall, 91 points.

    Carol: Out of how many?
    St. Gustav: Dammit, Carol, you’re not old enough for this site!

  3. MajinGohan says:

    WOW. This guy has an amazing asshole level. It’s… like 8999 or something.

  4. Hentaihero says:

    wow so boring…

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