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One Response to “Ryou Seibai! Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai Hiroku Episode 01”
  1. Jerich0the0reap says:

    .. So, we seem to open with MC’s sister being raped (possible ntr scenario from the get-go) at which point we cut to MC and something about 10 years, then back to his sister (again, ‘seemingly’) being raped (again, possible ntr scenario) and from there, he rapes someone that kinda looks like her, bondage play, then BlueShorthair, then more bondage play, then tealHair bondage plays him, and… -shrug- Can’t be sure what’s going on with the sis since I skimmed it ftmp, but she doesn’t seem to show up besides those two scenes in this ep.

    Kind of why this one looked for a synopsis first, but whoopdedoo, no one felt the need to put one up, and I can’t even until someone subs it, and even then, might not want to. Ballocks. Today’s off to a bad start.

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