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12 Responses to “Please Rape Me! Episode 01”
  1. Zen says:

    hope there will be more episodes soon

  2. the one not says:

    Wtf why no subbs yet thought they be ready by now

  3. lols alot says:

    @samu-kun lol the only thing i understod was hey were having sex and sex= horny=CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i realy like this anime pls go on o the next epi i don care if is not sub i want to see more 0.0

  4. samu-kun says:

    Surprising how well i understood almost everything even without subs.. I guess i should try watching some raw anime as well.

  5. Malacont says:

    it is not subbed D:

  6. hero-ero says:

    lol some girls are from other hentai :P , rlz

  7. OMG says:

    At the beginning, the one with the couples fucking, that girl is from “Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai.”

  8. jerk-off says:

    this guy is my new hero XD

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