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12 Responses to “Pisu Hame! Episode 04”
  1. Mr. Man says:

    It’s like the whole thing was animated using flash or something.

    I’m not downing the animators, it’s awesome but, personally, I think it would be better if it wasn’t “flashed”. Still love it though!

  2. YuuichiYusa says:

    Funny how when he was groping kaladina, it sounded like he was messing around with a balloon. Also the manga form of this has alot more story in it..

  3. pharzuphmorax says:

    this is amazing though my limit is 3-4 times a day … then i start to get pain on my stick

  4. pharzuphmorax says:

    haha i like pisu hame !! from the first episode but … you guys take it to slow to upload the hentais oh !! please reduce the raping hentais its not my style seeing force fuck ..

  5. Gold Roger says:


  6. KeyLock says:

    when the ep 5 is arrived???
    please upload soon!!
    cause i like this story…..
    Keep Forward!!!!

  7. 429fg says:

    Dang, the animation for this really sucks. Too bad, this part was my favourite scene in the manga.

  8. earl says:

    ahmm i like this even for a girl i kinda turned on

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