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13 Responses to “Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai Episode 01”
  1. Masturbate Err Day says:

    this was not laggy at all! i blew a massive load off to this one. mmmmmm

  2. :( says:

    the sound was 30 seconds faster then the video =(
    please fix?.. and the video pauses every 10 seconds or so and it looks like some kind of pixel wars 240p :/

  3. Dat Quality... says:

    Seriously the quality is VERY bad. You can’t see anything from minute 7 onward.

    Fix this.

  4. Unknownx12 says:

    i second this comment

  5. Rueleo says:

    it doesn’t say raw but it’s not sub….

  6. raoaarara says:

    its not subbed yet.. please sub it

  7. nw says:

    why i cant see this film sub. plz check it or see me why

  8. ShadowAce says:

    this is raw not sub

  9. Ruben007B says:

    video quality is really bad and laggy hard for me so those great parts sigh please fix my felloe hentai friends :(

  10. riku senin says:

    FAIL.! Too many errors. ;P

  11. Dat Annon says:

    Needs to be reuploaded… the quality is VERY low minute 6 onward (it has not been properly uploaded)

  12. Hellangel says:

    the video was in good shape until it was blury -_-

  13. Inquiry says:

    Is it just me ? or the sounds and the video was really out of sync ?
    please fix this

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