Watch Soukan Yuugi 2 Hentai Series Online

  • Genres: Ahegao Big Boobs Big Bust Blowjob Family Fantasy Fellatio Lesbian Magic Masturbation Mind Control Sisters Super Power Tits Fuck Uncensored Young Yuri
  • Added:September 11, 2009
  • Total Episodes:2
  • Description: Makoto got to an accident and admitted to a hospital.His family visits him and there they bring a console game that has lewd magical power that they didnt know. They were bored in a hospital room and forced to play a console game similar to the Sexual Pursuit board game from the previous OAV series, with similar results. Makoto gets a blowjob and titty fuck from his stepsister and stepmom. The game continues and Makoto creampied his horny stepmom too.


Episode 1

September 11, 2009

Episode 2

December 11, 2009