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  • Genres: Action Adventure Anal Big Boobs Blowjob Cumshot Fantasy Fellatio Hardcore Super Power Supernatural Young
  • Added:June 29, 2019
  • Total Episodes:4
  • Description: Swinging a sword surrounded by flames with her petite body,Eris Violet of the Flames is the strongest hero of the land. Messing up one day, she is captured by monsters and brought back to their research facility where they fucked her like there’s no tomorrow and making her addicted to sex. When she escaped her captors and working back again to save the day. She can’t help to think about cock. So she tell about her situation to her superior and she needs a vacation but she must fuck him first.


Episode 1

June 29, 2019

Episode 2

September 26, 2019

Episode 3

November 28, 2019

Episode 4

February 27, 2020