Watch Otogibanashi no Onigokko Hentai Series Online

  • Genres: Adventure Ahegao Anal Bestiality Better than E-hentai! Big Ass Big Bust Big Tits Blonde Blowjob Censored Cosplay Fantasy Hardcore Tentacles Trap Virgin Young
  • Added:January 26, 2023
  • Total Episodes:2
  • Description: Episode – 1 It is a story we all know. Blanchette, a pretty girl with a red cape, goes to the forest to visit her sick grandmother. However, there was a rumor that there was a ferocious wolf in the forest. “You’re a wolf, aren’t you?” The wolf that appeared before her was truly an “animal”. Rubbing the pure girl with a meat stick turns her innocent body into a female. The girl’s nightmares never end. Hounded by attacking tentacles and mad hunters, she soon learns the taste of pleasure. This is a story we all know. But only you know how it ends… When she plays with her big tits, which do not match her petite frame, her lewd face peeks out from under her red cape. You’ve grown into a complete bitch. Episode – 2 It is a story we all know. Alice wanders into a mysterious world where animals speak their own language. Despite being pranked by a giant caterpillar and attacked by a pig, Alice somehow manages to walk back to where she came from. We have no choice let’s go to the castle. Alice is still oblivious. That animals attack her, that she makes love to a clever gryphon, that the gentle king looks at her only in a disgusting way, all for her own reasons. Who is really the crazy one? This is a story we all know. But only you know how it ends… One day, a beautiful woman chased after a white rabbit and fell down a hole that led her to a dirty, slutty country.


Episode 1

January 26, 2023

Episode 2

March 30, 2023