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Having become a pair of lovers with childhood friend Iori Minakami recently. Feelings each other are understood since before, it clears up and becomes a formal pair of lovers, happy every day when the heart was changeable was to have been spent.

Takeshi mortally injured by monster of mystery that appeared suddenly to happy every day with her. A man of alone shows up before Iori who sobs clinging to Takeshi it said so. [His life is saved if it is fought as a magical girl as the monster in the presence] Consciousness made faintly inside, what Takeshi saw, the appearance of Iori who kissed an unfamiliar man.

Iori who became magical girl to help Takeshi. However, the source of magical girl’s magic is man’s energy, other men should embrace Iori for the sake of Takeshi. It is held by other men for the sake of favorite Takeshi, a lovely magical girl dedicates its body to fighting!

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Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shit…

Episode 01