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  • Genres: Big Boobs Big Bust Big Tits Censored Creampie Cumshot High School Sport Virgin Young
  • Added:September 05, 2019
  • Total Episodes:6
  • Description: A guy by the name of Kuroda-sensei is given a job as the new coach/adviser of the girls lacrosse club in a all female school. One day he sneaks into the locker room and finds a sexy lingerie of one of the girls. He got caught by one of them and he was cornered to perform a sexual act to one of the busty team members. Then another team members seduced him to take away her virginity.


Episode 1

September 05, 2019

Episode 2

October 03, 2019

Episode 3

May 04, 2023

Episode 4

May 04, 2023

Episode 5

June 01, 2023

Episode 6

June 01, 2023