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  • Genres: Action Adventure Blowjob Fantasy Female Students High School Monster Girl Slave Supernatural Tentacles
  • Added:January 24, 2003
  • Total Episodes:5
  • Description: Handsome student Hikaru Tohme, the pupil of very known university of “Izumo”. The guy and his friends (among which generally girls) very much are fond of different single combats and martial arts. They always seduced Hikaru but he treated them as a friend.Somehow time, Hikaru has come into one of the abandoned buildings in school and has found an altar there. Having touched him, as though has stretched it through time. Having regained consciousness, he has heard calls for help of the girlfriend. Having run out to the yard, he has seen as she is attacked by the huge spider. He help his girl friends untangled to its web and set them free. After that, the huge spider transformed into a lovely girl and makes Hikaru her new master as she rides on his dick and make love to him.


Episode 1

January 24, 2003

Episode 2

May 24, 2003

Episode 3

August 24, 2003

Episode 4

July 24, 2004

Episode 5

October 24, 2004