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[Master, Please do as you like.]
Maki which acts at maid cafe in school “Happy coat – furumu”. She who the chest puts with the overflowing mother’s milk, it suckled secretly to Shunnosuke every day. Probably because of this, shunnosuke is called master. Carried away Shunnosuke, dirty talk saying in Maki…!?

[Three years Onee-sama black strike alliance]
Only the upper-body is made nakedness, Rinko and Tsubaki to accept pervert body measurement to Shunnosuke in school nurse’s office. Black stockings are broken, Rinko from which size of genitals is measured. The ass is taken one’s temperature to Tsubaki with the clinical thermometer the vibrator. Two people alternately continuously inserted. While oneself is not inserted, partner’s breast is sucked each other, the end is ejaculated inside and both cum.

[Together physical measurement H]
Mother’s milk is wrung being violated by the back seat title. Being inserted penis with the measuring instrument in Chris, the ass is measured with the vibrator tightening. Maki measures the amount of the pie life by the breast fucking, stand while being seen Rinko backs up child Miyauchi with a supersonic wave scanner, as for Tsubaki, the ass pressure of the ass is measured by the penis that put up the measuring instrument.

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