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  • Genres: Action Action & Adventure Blowjob Cosplay Fellatio Hardcore Magic Ninja Reverse Hardcore Super Power Supernatural
  • Added:December 21, 2005
  • Total Episodes:1
  • Description: The crazy adventures of beautiful princess Kurama who was captured by an evil clan and only female ninjas help her to escape from the from the evil villains. But the female ninjas are defeated and Kurama is cornered to the cliff. She summoned and shouted to the moon and gauss. Then comes a modern day setting.Nakamura Daisuke is enjoying a date with Hazuki. At the very moment he tries to confirm their love, his mark on the neck shines, and he is swallowed into the moon. He meets Princess Kurama and his sexual adventures begin in some strange land.


Episode 1

December 21, 2005