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  • Genres: Action & Adventure Adventure Big Boobs Big Bust Big Tits Demons Fantasy Female Students Futanari Hardcore High School Horror Monster Pain School Life Schoolgirl Young
  • Added:October 21, 1994
  • Total Episodes:5
  • Description: An archeological expedition to a forbidden Himalayan temple, 19-year-old Masao Sera stumbled upon a bloody, sacrificial rite designed to throw open the Gates of Hell. Meanwhile, a dark force has descend upon Masao’s college. Fights, gang violence and fuck are the order of the day. But now, some of the gangs have started to develop supernatural powers and unholy appetites. As demonic entities battle for control of the campus, the conflict threatens to grow into armageddon when Masao mysteriously returns with the King of the Underworld bound to his mortal soul.


Episode 1

October 21, 1994

Episode 2

February 01, 1995

Episode 3

August 19, 1995

Episode 4

December 10, 1995

Episode 5

June 28, 1996